Top 5 Reasons Schroth Is Better for Scoliosis

Here are the top 5 reasons that Schroth Exercises Are Better For Your Scoliosis.

1. Schroth exercises were designed specifically to treat scoliosis, most other movement based exercises are not. They were initially conceived over 80 years ago and have been researched and improved over the years.

2. Schroth Exercises prescribed specifically for your curve pattern. Most exercises are not. prescribed with your particular curve pattern in mind. This is a critical distinction when looking to reduce or stabilize scoliosis.

3. Schroth Exercises are 3 dimensional corrections that have already taken into account how an exercise that is good in one area could actually worsen the curve in another area and have made adaptations.

4. Schroth Exercises teach a 3 dimensional breathing technique that can help de-rotate the spine by using the lungs to help reshape the rib cage.

5. Schroth Exercises are designed to change the way you habitually move. Research has shown trunk control can be improved using vestibular and oculomotor movement. While the exercises we teach are the original Schroth movements, we teach them in the context of modern concepts in neuro-muscular retraining to help the learned corrective movement patterns become more permanently ingrained in your body.

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Schroth Is Better for Scoliosis”

  1. Dear Dr. Diaz

    I am the mother of a 55 yr.old son who fell off school bars at the age of 12 He had an emergency operation on his
    neck area and was given a stint. Was put in a body cast for a year. Didnot have scolosis but ended up with it.
    He was not good at exercizing that was required. Went to college, plays tennis etc and is 6 foot tall. He has kyfosis
    which will do him in if not corrected He has been to the Shepherds clinic in Atlanta within the last two years.
    Great excercises were given and he decided to correct his legs which had weakened and he was falling. He is now a
    dedicated person who is throwing himself into it as he realizes he has a huge battle coming with his upper back. I think
    he doesnt have any faith that his kyfosis can be corrected but I do. What can you offer? His lower extremities are
    part of his upper back. You make sense to me. Can we continue this conversation? I am always going outside of the box.
    Can you help?.

    1. Alice,

      I would suggest that we have a conversation next week about your son’s case to see if the types of corrective movement therapies we offer can help him too. We have helped many people with kyphosis with a combination of the SpineCor brace and the Schroth Method but we would need to know more about his curve, any compression fx?, etc. to determine if our scoliosis treatments could be right for him. Give me a call at (800) 943-1254 and we can talk more after the first of the year.

      Dr. Diaz

  2. Edwin,

    The Schroth exercises are not something that can be learned effectively by just watching a video tape. They require a lot of hands or therapist assistance at the time they are begin taught to insure the patient is doing them correctly. That is why we teach them in weekend intensive classes. If you can bring your daughter to the US for our classes then please contact us at (800) 943-1254 for a Free Phone Consult.

    That such a doctor, wanted to see if I can help, my 12 year old daughter has idiopathic scoliosis and I need help with exercises, can you tell me where I can get videos of them to study them and see if I can put them on my daughter, I live in Mexico . Thank you!

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