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Adult Scoliosis Treatment

Listen to the Author of the Book A Beautiful Spine Talk About How She Had Success With Her Scoliosis Treatment as an Adult and How You Can Too!

Like many people Dionne developed scoliosis as a teen but it didn't really bother her much until later in life. Over the years her pain gradually worsened and by the time she reached her 50's she noticed she had pain 80% of the time! That's when she decided that she could no longer stand it and sought out a solution that didn't involve masking her symptoms with medications or a painful scoliosis surgery. 

Find out how she eliminated her scoliosis related pain by watching the video below:

About The Author

Dionne Blaha

Dionne is an Organizational Development Practitioner in a large California Health Care System and the author of several books. She has a passion for life coaching and helping develop leaders for effectiveness, resilience and adaptation through action learning. She also does peer group coaching and adaptive design. She holds a certification with distinction in MindGym.  She is also currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology.

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