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Evolution of SpineCor Technology

While SpineCor is now 20 years old, it's still a revolutionary approach in the treatment of scoliosis 

SpineCor's 1st generation of the dynamic corrective brace was strictly aimed at the treatment of adolescent
scoliosis but since then it's been improved over time. The 2nd generation was adapted for the treatment of adult scoliosis and has been proven to be a highly effective pain relief device.  The latest 3rd generation brace improves comfort for all patients.

Learn more about SpineCor's flexible brace and how it has evolved and improved over time.
It's helped thousands of adult and adolescent scoliosis patients avoid surgery and relieve their pain.
Many of our patients say it has giving them a second chance at living their lives to the fullest!

Seeing Is Believing: Watch the beautiful video above and see For yourself how SpineCor is so flexible, you can even dance in it!


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SpineCor Has Improved The Comfort In It's Newest Brace

Introducing The Next Generation Of The SpineCor Brace