Listen to what our adult patients have to say about their experience with SpineCor.

Evolution of SpineCor Technology

While SpineCor is now 20 years old, it's still a revolutionary approach in the treatment of scoliosis 

SpineCor's 1st generation of the dynamic corrective brace was strictly aimed at the treatment of adolescent
scoliosis but since then it's been improved over time. The 2nd generation was adapted for the treatment of adult scoliosis and has been proven to be a highly effective pain relief device.  The latest 3rd generation brace improves comfort for all patients.

Learn more about SpineCor's flexible brace and how it has evolved and improved over time.
It's helped thousands of adult and adolescent scoliosis patients avoid surgery and relieve their pain.
Many of our patients say it has giving them a second chance at living their lives to the fullest!

Seeing Is Believing: Watch the beautiful video above and see For yourself how SpineCor is so flexible, you can even dance in it!


Movement Is Life!

While SpineCor is called a scoliosis brace, it's really more of a rehab device that you wear to help improve your curves. Because it's made of elastic bands that wrap around your body you can move in any direction you like but it gives your body a gentle reminder, "no, go this way" into the direction of correction.

Overtime this helps your body create muscle memory that's corrective for your scoliosis. Since your body does the correction, rather than a hard brace doing it for you, those corrections will tend to stay in place once treatment is complete and you've stopped using SpineCor.

Adult Patients Get Pain Relief
Listen to what one of our adult patients had to say about her experience with SpineCor. Dionne Blaha is an author who has had scoliosis since she was a teen. Like most people she was told by her doctors there was nothing she could do about it, so she went about her life ignoring her scoliosis. Yet, gradually over time her scoliosis began to become more and more painful. By the time she was in her 50's her pain had become so constant that it was greatly affected her life. That's when she began to look for alternative treatment and discovered SpineCor. 

She was so impressed with the results that she actually wrote a book about her experience called A Beautiful Spine. 
(Listen to her inspiring story in her video intereview).

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SpineCor Reseach

Look at the 20 years of research behind the SpineCor brace

A Non-Rigid Brace for the Treatment of AIS: Post Treatment Results

This study reported in the European Spine Journal in 2003 on SpineCor efficacy was performed at the University of Montreal Medical school in 2002.

The results of this study of 195 scoliosis patients fitted with the SpineCor brace showed the probability of success (stabilization or correction of the curvature or minimal progression to avoiding surgery) was greater for patients the longer they stayed in the program.

It also showed continued improvement in many of the curvatures even after 2 years of completion of the SpineCor program. Of those patients who reached the 2 year mark 93% of the patients had stabilization or correction of their scoliosis curvatures.

Effectiveness of the SpineCor Brace Based on the New Standardized Criteria Proposed by the SRS for AIS

This research study used the latest SRS guidelines made it possible to compare brace outcomes side by side. This study compared the dynamic SpineCor brace with the commonly uses Static TLSO and Providence braces. Using the results in the above mentioned study the first study comparing the results from the dynamic SpineCor scoliosis brace was compare with two recent studies done on static scoliosis bracesthat also followed the SRS Guidelines. It compared the 3 popular scoliosis brace treatments. The results published in the Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics in 2007 shows a very clear difference in outcome for three different  treatment methods. SpineCor Research vs. Static Bracing ChartThe results of this study showed a dramatic difference in treatment outcomes for each of the brace treatments.

The SpineCor brace was found to be 76.5% effective in avoiding surgery, while the Providence brace was found to be only 40% effective and the TLSO brace was only15% success (by SRS definitions) This meant that the SpineCor brace was found to be 4 times more effective than TLSO in stopping progression of the curve.

A Prospective Interventional Cohort Study of 175 Patients Treated by the SpineCor Orthosis, Following the SRS Criteria

From 1993 to 2011, 390 patients treated using the SpineCor orthosis respected the criteria for inclusion recommended by the SRS committee. 198 have a definitive outcome, and 175 have at least 2 years of follow-up. Assessment of brace effectiveness included; 1) percentage of patients who have 5 degree or less curve progression, and the percentage of patients who have 6 degree or more progression at skeletal maturity, 2) percentage of patients who have had surgery recommended/undergone before skeletal maturity, 3) percentage of patients with curves exceeding 45 degree at maturity (end of treatment) and 4) 2-years follow-up beyond maturity to determine the percentage of patients who subsequently underwent surgery.

Conclusion: The SpineCor orthosis is effective for the treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. Positive outcomes are maintained after the weaning of the orthosis, since 86.1% of the patients stabilized or corrected their Cobb angle. 

SpineCor in the Treatment of Adult Scoliosis

Adult patients with scoliosis are offered little hope for rehabilitation and pain relief by health care professionals. Long term use of AINS and pain medication has proven harmful; rigid bracing is only rarely used due to its often disappointing results; surgery is only reserved for the most serious cases and mainly to preserve vital functions. Conservative management has also had poor outcome often due to long-term patient compliance. Long-term treatment of Adult Scoliosis with The SpineCor Pain Relief Back Brace deserves more attention. SpineCor offers a wide variety of combinations to improve posture. Its primary therapeutic goal is relief of pain while reducing the mechanical strain on the neuromusculoskeletal system, which would only with time, aggravate of the condition. The brace acts as a dynamic support to offload the spinal joints, therefore protecting the misaligned spine from the compressive forces of gravity, while the resistive elastic bands reinforce the core musculature to an overall better postural alignment. A long-term study was made on 30 adult scoliosis patients, 26 females and 4 males, aged between 18 and 69. All suffered enough chronic back pain to seek treatment and were fitted with a SpineCor Pain Relief Back Brace. Data over an 18 to 28 months time frame was collected while the patients were actively wearing their brace. 
The overall improvement in the perception of pain by the adult scoliotic patients was 77% and this appeared to remain stable with time. Half of them reported having complete resolution of their symptoms. 
Conclusion: These results suggest that the SpineCor Pain relief Back Brace is a promising conservative method for the longterm management of scoliosis in the adult population as it significantly reduces their pain status and improves their wellbeing.

A retrospective Study of 23 Adults Treated for Scoliosis Using the Spinecor Orthosis

This study examined the effectiveness of using SpineCor  as a non-surgical treatment to reduce adult scoliosis curvature magnitude.  23 adults with scoliosis between the ages of 18 and 65 who were fitted with the SpineCor brace were followed overtime with X-ray assessment.  Patients were separated into three groups based on curvature location: Thoracic (T), Thoracolumbar (TL) and Lumbar (L). T-tests were performed using the initial and follow-up Cobb measurements of AP radiographs for each of the three groups. The maximum (T) reduced from 94 degrees to 77 degrees (-12.2%) following a minimum of three months of treatment. The maximum (TL) measurement reduced from 31 degrees to 23 degrees (-13.4%), and the (L) minimum reduced from 17 degrees to 11.1 degrees (-15.3%). The patients in the "Thoracic" group (n = 20) had a mean average change of -5.27 degrees. The "Thoracolumbar" group (n = 3) had a mean average change of -6.0 degrees. The Lumbar group (n = 15) had a mean average change of -4.40 degrees. These findings suggest the use of SpineCor flexible orthosis is an effective tool in the management of adult scoliosis.  

Use of SpineCor Dynamic Corrective Brace in Greece: a Preliminary Peport

The purpose of this observational study was to quantify the efficacy of the SpineCor Dynamic Corrective Brace for patients who were still actively being treated in Greece. It also, evaluated the effectiveness of the Brace for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis in accordance with the new standardized criteria proposed by the Scoliosis Research Society. Successful treatment (correction >5°, or stabilization +/- 5°) was achieved in 79 of the 82 patients and 25 of the 26 patients studied from the time of fitting of the Brace to the point which last Cobb angle was measured. This meant 96% correction/stabilization. 

Learn More About The Orthopedic Surgeons Who Invented SpineCor

Watch this vintage video to learn more about SpineCor's Origin

Long Track Record of Proven Results

SpineCor: Clinically Proven Effective For The Treatment Of Scoliosis For Over 20 Years

While SpineCor still remains an innovative approach for the treament of scoliosis it has been extensively backed up in the research literature.

SpineCor has also been featured in the news.

Dr. Bruce Hensel of Channel 4 News says,
"SpineCor works for adult scoliosis and in those cases it may be life saving because severe curvature of the spine can progress and lead to breathing problems."

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