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Dr. Gary Deutchman, D.C., Dr. Marc Lamantia, D.C. and Dr. Brett Diaz, D.C.

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Dr. Gary Deutchman, D.C., BCAO

Co-Founder of Scoliosis Systems

"The reason I say scoliosis has become epidemic in the US is that over 1 million children will develop this condition each year. This adds to the growing number of adults with scoliosis who's count is far higher. While scoliosis is most correctable in the early stages when the curves are still small, the coventional medical 'wisdom' is to do nothing and just 'watch & wait' for the curves to get worse. Almost every day I speak to parents over the phone who are not satisfied with that recommendation and are researching alternative methods. Don't wait until it's too late, give us a call today for a free scoliosis phone consult and find out if alternative scoliosis treatment is right for your child."

Dr. Deutchman co-founded Scoliosis Systems in 1993. He has made the non-surgical treatment of scoliosis the central focus of his practice ever since. In 2003 he also formed the Scoliosis Care Foundation, a non profit organization dedicated to educate parents on the benefits of early detection and correction of Scoliosis and to help children with scoliosis in underdevloped countries receive care. In 2004, he was invited to St. Justine's Hospital for Children to share ideas with the developers of the Spinecor brace Dr. Christine Collaird, and Dr. Charles Rivard and get become a Certified SpineCor Provider. In 2009 he traveled to Germany to become Certified in the Schroth Method.

Dr. Marc Lamantia, D.C., DACBR

Co-Founder of Scoliosis Systems

"Often medical doctors do not recommend scoliosis specific exercise or dynamic bracing to helps strengthen the muscle around the spine because they think it can't help the imbalances in the altered structure of the spine. What they don't understand about this type of therapy is that helping the brain activate the under active muscles on one side of the spine helps stop fatigue to the over active muscles on the other side by moving the spine more towards the midline. Recent research in the new science of Neuro-Skeletal Biology tells us that in a child who is still growing this can postively impact the growth plates in the spine and help the delayed side catch up in it's growth, thus improving some of the structural derformity. This can not only stop progression of a curvature but it can actually help permantently reduce the scoliosis in a growing child."

Dr. Lamantia co-founded Scoliosis Systems in 1993. Dr. Lamantia is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist, a SpineCor Certified Provider as well as a Schroth Certified Practitioner. To date he as trained hundreds of patients in the Schroth Method and is considered a World Leader in Non-surgical scoliosis care. He is also the creator of the Nu-Schroth Rehabilitative Method for scoliosis. He is also a Founding Member of SOSORT, the International Society of Scoliosis Orthopedic Rehabilitation Treatment. Each year Dr. Lamantia lectures at many post graduate conferences on the non-surgical treatment of scoliosis.

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Schedule Your FREE Scoliosis Phone Consult With One Of Our Doctors Now!