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Corrective Movement Therapies

Discover how corrective movement therapies can help improve your scoliosis to relieve your pain and avoid scoliosis surgery.


Learn how this revolutionary device first developed in Canada changed how scoliosis is now being treated by replacing an old static immobilization model with a new dynamic approach to rehabilitating the spine.


Read how a proven German method of scoliosis specific exercise has been updated with modern concepts in neurological rehabilitation to create an improved corrective movement therapy for scoliosis.

Myofascial Therapy

The imbalances of scoliosis often cause adaptive shortening of the soft tissues sorrounding the spine. Learn how specific myofascial release techniques help you get more out of your scoliosis therapy.

Atlas Orthogonal Treatment

Learn how spinal alignment is often controled by the upper cervical spine and mis-aligments of the atlas above can drive progression of your scoliosis below.

Custom Orthotics

Scoliosis can also start from the ground up. Discover how a collapse of your foot's arch can drive your scoliosis and cause progression and how custom orthotics can help.

Before and After X-rays

7 Yr. Old Girl

Click Here to listen to the parents of this 7 year old girl talk about their daughter's their daughter's incredible results with our scoliosis treatment.

Early Onset

Click Here to listen to Brooke tell her story about the results of early intervention for her scoliosis.


Click Here to listen our patient the Actress Ashley Argota who played Lulu on True Jackson VP talk about her scoliosis treatment.

Jenny's Story

Click Here to listen to how Jenny had progression of her scoliosis with her hard brace and how she avoided scoliosis surgery by switching to SpineCor instead.

Orthopedist Gave No Hope

Click Here to listen to Marissa’s Mom discuss her guilt for missing the progression of the curve and how her Ortho gave no hope to avoid surgery but  how she did avoid it  with our therapies.


College Student

Click Here to listen to Afiel’s story. He was diagnosed with scoliosis in his early teens but he didn’t have any pain until college when he had to spend many hours sitting to study.  Learn how he relieved his pain & reduced his curves.

Options to Hard Bracing

Click Here to hear Elizabeth’s scoliosis story and how terrified she and her mother were initially by the limited options they were given of only hard bracing. They’re thankful they found other more flexible options with Scoliosis Systems.

Looking for the reseach...

The success of our combination therapies is due to the foundation of our treatments in the research literature. While many non-surgical treatments today are not founded on solid scientific research findings, the efficacy of our treatments are well documented in the scoliosis research literature.

To learn more about the research findings behind our treatments just click on the link below:

Our Therapies in the Scoliosis Research Literature