Amazing Brace Article in MacClean’s on SpineCor

An article in Maclean’s Magazine chronicles a Canadian mother wrote about her frustration on having to come to Southern California to see a chiropractor to get a SpineCor brace that was invented by Canadian orthopedists.

Canadian’s have always had a love-hate relationship with their healthcare system. While Canada is the home to many new and innovative treatments, often those same treatments are not readily available to Canadian’s. SpineCor is one of those inventions.

What is SpineCor

SpineCor is technically considered a dynamic tension orthosis, meaning that it’s a rehabilitation device that is elastic in nature which you wear to help improve scoliosis. It’s also called a scoliosis brace but that’s really somewhat of a misnomer.

Unlike the traditional hard plastic turtle shell type of scoliosis brace, SpineCor is made of elastic bands that wrap around the body in different configurations based on your curve pattern. This allows you to move in it, but while you move it gives your body a gentle reminder to move into the direction of correction of the curve.

Because it moves with the body it doesn’t cause muscle atrophy like a hard brace does. In fact, it actually helps strengthen weakened muscles surrounding the spine to provide better stability and helps move the body more towards the midline.

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Read the story of a Canadian mother’s frustration with their healthcare system and why she finally came to Southern California to help her adult son with his scoliosis.

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Although the inventors of the SpineCor brace Dr. Rivard and Dr. Colliard have since retired the amazing SpineCor brace is still available here in the US

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