Adult Scoliosis Treatment

A New Adult Scoliosis Treatment

Now Scoliosis Treatment Isn’t Just For Adolescent Scoliosis – It’s For Scoliosis For All Ages!

Most people with adult scoliosis are told that there is nothing much they can do for their scoliosis pain, other than taking medications or learning to live with their pain.

Fortunately, there have been major advances in adult scoliosis treatment and that is no longer the case. There is a new dynamic revolution in adult scoliosis treatment that has recently been adapted from a proven system used to treat adolescent scoliosis. It is called the SpineCor Dynamic bracing system for adults.

Although the SpineCor brace was initially developed over twenty years ago by two orthopedic surgeons to treat adolescent idiopathic scoliosis it has since been modified for the use in adult scoliosis.

Our doctors treatment many adult scoliosis for the pain associated with their advancing scoliosis and recognized the need for a similar device in the growing adult scoliosis market.

The SpineCor Adult Pain Relief Back Brace (as shown right) is available at our locations across the US. We are the most experienced providers of the SpineCor brace in the United States. Our doctors fit hundreds of patients each year with this soft brace and about half of them are adults.

Our Adult Scoliosis Treatment

So began a collaborative effort with the SpineCor manufacturer to modify their brace to better fit the needs of the adult patient. After the SpineCor Corporation confirmed the efficacy of treating adults with their dynamic brace with their own independent research, they began recommending SpineCor for adult usage. While there are other providers for the SpineCor Scoliosis brace, our doctors are the most experienced adult SpineCor providers in the country. Most SpineCor providers fit 3 -4 braces each year but our doctors fit hundreds. Going with an experienced provider is key to your success.

While children and adolescents rarely have pain associated with their scoliosis, pain is often a central feature of scoliosis in adults. Clinical research studies show that adult scoliosis tends to be progressive in nature and on average once reaching a certain point will increase by 1° per year.

Over time, imbalances in the loading of the spine caused by this slow progression result in degenerative changes in the body that are an attempt to help stabilize the structure. This slow, progressive nature of adult scoliosis is a major contributor to their chronic pain that often causes structural abnormalities that lead to arthritis, radiculopathy, spinal stenosis and even neurogenic claudication.

Schroth Method

Comprehensive Adult Scoliosis Treatment

Since its introduction by Dr. Marc Lamantia and Dr. Gary Deutchman in April of 2009 the SpineCor brace has shown to be helpful in reducing or eliminating pain associated with scoliosis. Clinical outcomes in cases of adult scoliosis treated with a combination of the SpineCor brace and scoliosis specific exercises called the Schroth Method have proven to be highly effective in changing muscle recruitment patterns to improve posture and reduce pain with not only idiopathic scoliosis but also kyphosis (humpback) and other types of scoliosis.

Today, more and more and more patientsin their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s are being referred for adult scoliosis treatment with the SpineCor scoliosis brace and many experience immediate relief of their pain, especially when it is appropriately fitted. Careful evaluation and fitting procedures are necessary to ensure adults do not experience exacerbations of pain and nerve irritation; thus, should only be performed by a licensed physician or chiropractor that is highly experienced fitting of this dynamic device.

Adult scoliosis treatment also differs from adolescent scoliosis treatment due to the long standing dysfunction in muscle recruitment patterns that lead to abnormal motion of the spine, abnormal motion of the vertebra of the spine due to associated muscle weakness and ligament shortening that causes further degenerative change to both bone and soft tissues.

Active Release Technique For Scoliosis

Specially adapted for adult scoliosis treatment Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.) and chiropractic adjustments have also been found to be extremely helpful in helping lengthen and strengthen shortened tissues on the inside of the scoliosis curvatures to assist in the process of de-rotating the scoliosis spine to allow for restoration of more normal movement are reducing nerve irritation in adult scoliosis treatment.

The synergy created by combining these dynamic treatments with the SpineCor brace has shown that adults can achieve reductions in their curvatures, improved posture and cosmetic appearances despite the fact that their bones are mature. Dr. Brett Diaz, D.C. is a Certified A.R.T. provider, a Certified SpineCor provider and a Certified Nu Schroth Method provider.

28 thoughts on “Adult Scoliosis Treatment”

  1. Dear Dr. Brett Diaz, D.C

    OMG I hope all what is mentioned about the spine core dynamic brace is true.

    I’m living in Qatar just next to Saudi Arabia. I’ve been suffering from scoliosis and living with all it’s difficulties since my mom discovered it 1987 I was 9 at the time I have been into hell since that and 2 surgeries at US.

    My main concerne now is my daughter she is 12 and with a 12.5 degrees of sccoliosis.
    I refuse to let her go through the surgical option while there are lots of alternatives.

    Please I need immediate help and reply to make for her a life decision which is going to affect her health, emotions and as a preadolesent it will definitely affect her looks as well.

    Await your kindest reply.


  2. Dr, Brett Diaz
    I have scoliosis. They didn’t discover it untill I was 17, then I wore the Milwaukee Brace for 2 years and have had 3 back operations. The first operation wasin 1980a fusion at L5-S1 and then in 1997 a spinal fusion at T5-T12, Posterior Fusion T6-T11 and a anterior diskectomy and fusion T5-T12 with Moss Miami and cages. Then another fusion 2002 because a rod had separated so more clamps, rods and screws and cages added, And now I find out just a few months ago the curvature in the lumbar part of my back is getting worse. And I have chronic pain every minute of every day. From my neck, ribs, and lower back. So I was wandering do you think this kind of brace could help me in any way? Would appreciate any kind of help available. I have been to all kinds of Docters who say my only option is to put the rods all the way down my back. So I would appreciate any thoughts you have that might be positive. Thank You Vicky Sheets

    1. Vicky,

      Sorry for the delayed reply. I just now came across your email. We have helped other adult patients who were post scoliosis surgery with the SpineCor brace and Schroth Method exercises so there is a chance we could help you too. I would suggest giving us a call for a Free Phone Consult to find out if our treatment is right for you.

      Dr. Brett Diaz, D.C.
      Scoliosis Treatment Alternatives

  3. Do you know of any practitioners who are providers of the SpineCor brace and comprehensive adult scoliosis treatments in Ecuador? Thank you for any information you have available!

    1. Jennifer, I am unaware of any SpineCor providers in Ecuador. We have had patients travel to us in the US from Ecuador for treatment. If you can come to the US and would like to find out if our treatments are right for you then please give us a call for a Free Phone Consult.

  4. I’m 45 years old and I never had any treatment for my scoliosis. My doctor always suggested that I try yoga or pilates to help with my scoliosis. I’m always afraid of the curve will get worse. My question is what type insurance do you accept for this back brace? I’m in New Mexico and what’s the nearest location?

    1. Reba,

      Your concern that the curve may get worse with Yoga or Pilates is well founded because while doing an exercise in one direction may help improve your curve, doing the exact same exercise in the other direction could make it worse. Since most Yoga and Pilates is taught bilaterally, we don’t recommend it.

      As far as insurance goes, our policy has been that we do not accept insurance assignment but recently that appears to be changing for some insurances. The closest offices we have to you would be in Phoenix Arizona and Aurora Colorado. If it would be possible for you to travel to either location then please give us a call for a Free phone consult to find out if you are a candidate for our type of treatment. If so, then I will give you the insurance codes that you can check with your insurance company.

      Dr. Brett Diaz, D.C.
      Scoliosis Systems

  5. I am 42 and never had treatment for my back and am in alot of pain and becoming weaker. My question is, is there any help for the uninsured??? I am currently unemployed and living with my disabled son. I am in Gibsonville, NC and your Raleigh location would be closest for me. Thanks for you response.
    Kristine Hutchens
    [email protected]

  6. Dr.Brett Diaz,

    I am a 39 year old woman with a 40 curvature. I am in constant pain with my sciatica. I also have a bulging and herniated disk and spinal stenosis … My right hip just about kills me . Only relief I seem to get is either a heating pad or bio freeze. I can’t work a job that requires standing. I have issues of walking at times due to the pain in my hip. I have applied for disability and been denied 3 times . Are there any providers trained with this type of brace in U.S.?

  7. Hi,

    My name is Qurrat-ul-ain and i am from Pakistan. I have a worse curve of above 80 degrees. I have never been treated and now I feel much pain in my back…My posture is poor and a huge hump on the right side while a deep concave curve over the left hip…I am married and mother of 8 yrs old son. I wont be able to visit that far to U.S…..Do the doctors of your organization see patients in Pakistan or do they visit any nearest place, say Dubai…????

  8. I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 17, but didn’t have pain from it until I was in my fifties. At age 58, I got the SpineCor brace, and it has made a huge difference in my life. Pain doctors were just prescribing stronger medications, but I didn’t want to use opiates. The SpineCor brace has helped tremendously with the pain. I can spend time on my feet and not be in agony. I paid for the brace out-of-pocket, but my insurance did reimburse me at the set rate of 80%. My back pain got worse both times I was treated for breast cancer, and I am so glad I have the brace to help manage the pain, without resorting to stronger and stronger drugs.

  9. Are you affiliated with Dr. Joshua Dunsky? He is in Massachusetts and also fits for the spine cor brace. If you know anything about him or would feel comfortable referring me to him I would appreciate any feedback or info you may have for access in MA.

  10. Do you know of any practitioners who are providers of the SpineCor brace and comprehensive adult scoliosis treatments in Indonesia? Thank you for any information you have available!

  11. Hello:

    I am 76 years young and have been active all my life, until moving to Mexico, 10 years ago, still active but not roller blading, Ac qua fit three times a week and chiropractor, yoga etc., but my curvature is leaning to the left pushing now on a nerve which is causing much tingling in my side (like ants)back and foot (left) My inquiry is about a clinic in Mexico which I spend alot of time also Canada in the West. Have written before but have not received any answers, Calgary, Alberta, Vancouver, B.C. would be my stopping grounds for summer. Can you help me.???? PLEASE getting desperate. Thanks Gail Parks

  12. I am 75 years old and have severe scoliosis that is getting much worse. I am near Ft. Worth, Texas and Dallas, Texas and Austin, Texas. I am excited to learn if I may be a candidate for your treatment and am also concerned about the cost. (254-826-3175 phone)
    Mary Ann Marak, P. O. Box 497, West, Texas 76691

  13. thanks again for the flow of info. I still continue to check on updates of locations accessible to me.
    I still check to see if there is adequate advance time to make these sessions possible.for me to attend.
    The Schroth method is very encouraging and would be of interest to me.

  14. I am in my 80’s and have had 2 back surgeries, my scoliosis is getting worse by the day, will this method help me and keep me from, having so much pain. I really need some help

    1. Thank you for your interest in our scoliosis treatments. It is possible that we can help you with your pain related to your scoliosis. About half of our patients are adults with scoliosis, several of them are around your age. We also have some who we have helped who previously had scoliosis surgery that we’ve been able to help, so there is a chance we could be able to help you too. I would suggest giving our office a call for a Free Phone Consult at (800) 943-1254 to discuss your scoliosis in detail with one of our doctors to see if our treatments are right for you. Dr. Brett Diaz, D.C.

  15. I am in my late 50’s and my body was “normal” until about 2 years ago. Then, in one year, my curve went from 0 to over 50, and it continues to get worse by the day. Plus, it’s that awkward “S” curve, so I am going in 2 different directions at once. The pain is unbearable; and it is difficult to both stand and walk. I went to the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. The first doctor I saw (as a private patient) recommended surgery and was ready to go in as soon as I gave him the word. Unfortunately, due to insurance problems, I had to switch to the scoli clinic at HSS.

    The first clinic doctor I saw told me that the scoliosis was in my imagination, and he refused to operate. The second clinic doctor accused me of lying about the scoliosis. He did not believe that it had only developed 2 years ago; as a result, he refused to see me, treat me and examine me, and he stalked out of the exam room. I did not know what prompted this doctor’s rude behavior – I could only think that it was racially motivated since Dr. Rawlins is African-American, and I am white.

    In the end, the first clinic doctor agreed to operate on me, but only if I tried to do things “his way” for a year. Since the disease was progressing so incredibly fast, I did not think that it would be advisable to wait the entire year. So, after about 8 months, I asked Dr. Han Jo Kim to operate – but now Dr. Kim refuses to operate ever. Even worse – I got kicked out of the clinic as HSS because I asked that Dr. Kim operate on me – so now, I don’t even have a doctor.

    I am a single working mother of 2 kids; I do not get any child support or other monies, so I HAVE TO work, no matter what. Unfortunately, as a person with severe scoliosis I have been shunned; I have been fired from my job; I have been stared at and laughed at; and I have been treated like I am not capable of reading, writing, flagging a cab – or doing anything on my own. It’s awful. And I have been temping, but it’s time to look for a permanent job. Which I cannot do while I look as bad as I do.

    I’m at the point in the disease where I can no longer cook, clean, care for my kids, do laundry – I can’t even stand up without the help of my son. And this is especially difficult for me because I used to be so very active. I want surgery so that I can resume my life, provide for my kids, and look for a job. BUT I can’t find a single doctor in NYC who takes my insurance. Nor can I find a doctor who will call my insurance company and request authorization. (I have a Medicaid HMO insurance company.)

    I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, I just ran out of money, and I’m scared. Scared of being homeless, scared of dying from scoliosis, scared of what will happen to my kids – scared of everything. Do you know how I can find a doctor to operate on me?

    (FYI, I have been told that the Hospital for Special Surgery has an unwritten policy which mandates that the doctors not operate on clinic patients. Actually, they are not even supposed to treat clinic patients. Rather, the doctors are only supposed to “maintain” them until they either die or go away.)

    1. Jill,

      I am so sorry to hear about your plight. Your case does sound unusual. Unfortunately we are strictly non-surgical scoliosis providers and do not provide surgery so I am afraid we can’t help you find a surgeon who would be willing to operate on you.

  16. Living in Indiana. Do you have anyone Licensed and working in Indiana. Insurance won’t cover out of state.

  17. Carol, I am a 70 yr old woman, with a 54 degree curve upper and 45 degree curve below waist. Most of my life I stayed at a 33 degree curve upper and no lower curve until the last 5 years. I have never had back surgery but have been told by 2 different surgeons (since I didn’t want surgery) they could not do anything but surgery and when the pain got bad enough come back and they would do surgery. I have
    decided at my age (now that I am in a lot of pain and have lost 3 inches in height, I have to do something but still do not want surgery. I have had both knees replaced and a lot of the exercises I used to do I can’t
    because I can’t get down on the floor. I am not about to give up and need an alternative to surgery. Do
    you have an office in the Atlanta, Ga. area? I am hoping the Spinal Cor brace might help. I want to enjoy
    the rest of my life without pain that I have had most of my life.
    Thank you for your reply.

    1. Carol,

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re now having such trouble with your scoliosis, but I agree with you that looking into conservative care is worth looking into. Surgery should only be an option of last resort when all else fails. The good news is that we have helped hundreds of adults with scoliosis relieve their pain and avoid surgery with our alternative treatments. Since many of these patients have been your age or older when they started treatment with us, there is a good chance that we can help you too.

      I think that SpineCor would probably be the best place for you to start. We do have an office in the Atlanta area. What I would recommend that you do is to schedule a Free Scoliosis Phone Consult with one of our doctors in that office to discuss your scoliosis in more detail to make sure you’re a good candidate for SpineCor. If so, they can go over all the cost and insurance considerations with you over the phone. Just click on the link below to get started:

      Dr. Brett Diaz, D.C.
      Scoliosis Treatment Alternatives

  18. Iam from Algeria. I am 25 years old. I study at university
    I have been suffering from scoliosis for 10 years.
    This is my lower incidence of oxygen in the meninges of the brain causing motor disability
    I followed many doctors in Algeria without interest
    Because there is no medical efficiency and a significant shortage of equipment and equipment
    My condition worsened and I felt pain in the shoulder, neck and lower back with numbness in my hand
    I ask you to evaluate my case
    Duration and method of treatment
    And provide an adequate bill
    Knowing that I do not prefer surgery because of its extreme risk
    Please help please … I need a solution

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